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Does anyone have any idea what I should do for a senior seminar/thesis in the field of biology. I refuse to do medical stuff but I may have to break down anyway and it has to have had a substantial amout of research notes availible because "your topic should have a strong research background and we would prefer that you have conducted your own research" thanks for the heads up. Really I appreciate this why didn't you tell me this back in my sophmore year when this would have helped me. I'm already coming back for an extra semester as it is.

In other news, has anyone else noticed that a lot of famous people are dying of late. It's really scary. Maybe this has been happening alot and I just noticed it because ya know I'm getting to be that age were a lot of people that I'm familar with are elderly and dying. That's completely and totally depressing. But so is life sometimes there are always good times. I've just been in a major funk but I think I'm resurfacing.
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